Booking Rules

You will need to have credit on your booking system account in order to book courts.


  • Full Members can book Peak and Off-Peak courts up to 14 days in advance from 11am onwards weekdays and from 9am onwards at weekends.
  • Off-Peak members can only book Off-Peak courts..
  • Members are encouraged to show the opponent's name.


  • Peak court times are Monday-Friday from 5pm onwards.
  • All other times are Off-Peak.

Court Charges

  • For each court booking, you will be charged £1.10 per 10 minutes. Most courts are 40 minute courts (costing £4.40 each), except Court 5 which has one hour time slots (costing £6.60 each), and Courts 1 and 2 which each have one 50 minute slot (costing £5.50) from 5pm-5.50pm. You will find the booking fees displayed on the online booking sheets.
  • Any court booked at 9.00pm or later on any day will only cost the standard court fee of £4.40, with no restriction (apart from other bookings and the Club closing time) on the length of time members may play.

Guest Fees

When playing a guest, members MUST:

  • Select "GUEST £5" as your playing partner/opponent and your court fee will be increased automatically by £5.
  • If the Guest is changed to a member, the fee will be automatically refunded.
  • To pay a Guest fee after the court start time, use the Transfer Credit facility and select "GUEST £5" as the recipient.


  • Members are encouraged to cancel a court as soon as possible so that the court may be used by other members.
  • To cancel a court on the booking system website, click “My Bookings” on the left side of the screen after you login.
  • Your booking fee will be automatically refunded when cancelling an off-peak court.
  • When cancelling a peak time court less than 48 hours before the court start time, your booking fee will be refunded only if the court is re-booked by another member, so be sure to cancel your court as soon as possible if you can no longer play!
  • If you do not cancel a booked peak time court and it is not used, as well as paying for the court, you will have a fine of £3.00 deducted from your booking system account.

"My Bookings"

  • You will find all your bookings, including bookings made by other members who have named you as an “opponent”, by clicking the “My Bookings” link on the left side of the screen. This information and details of all other courts booked or free in the 14 days ahead will be displayed on the daily booking sheets accessible on the website and via the touchscreen at the Club.

    Please note some useful features:
  • Click on the envelope to send an email message to a named opponent for a booking. If you are using Outlook (or similar email program) the link will launch a new message window and the subject line will automatically include the booking details.
  • Click on the opponent’s name to get contact details.
  • Click “cancel” to cancel the booking.

Cancelled Court Alerts

  • You can register to receive cancelled court alerts when members cancel a court within 48 hours. To do this click on the “Cancelled Court Alerts” on the left side of the screen after you log in. Please be sure to only select the days of the week and court times which are of interest to you!

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