Court bookings and charges

Court Bookings:

  • Bookings are taken two weeks ahead, either by visiting, booking online or by phone.

  • You must book to play, you cannot just turn up without a booking.

Court Charges:

  • Our courts are 50minutes with court 5  being 1hour long in the evenings.  We run staggered start times across the 5 courts.  
  • Daytime (off-peak) courts are £6.00/50mins.  Evening (peak) courts are £7/50mins and £8/hour.

Peak and Off-Peak Hours:

  • Peak court times are Monday-Friday from 4pm onwards.

  • All other times are off-peak.

Guest Fee

  • £5.00 per visit.  Please enter 'guest' as your playing partner, and this will take the £5 fee from your MyCourts account.
  • Members - please inform member of staff that you have brought a guest with you.

Please support our club sponsors whose details can be found on their websites:

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